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Remote Developers

Are you looking for a full-time remote developer who will work independently for you or someone who will join your team? We work together with university-trained and experienced software developers who deliver work according to recognized global standards. Our developers are trained in a multitude of programming languages and have the appropriate experience with various frameworks.

Team as a Service (TaaS)

Do you have a bigger project that requires multiple remote developers that can handle everything from backend support to front end design and delivery, app development to software tester? We can provide a full-fledged team that is no different from a proper software house for a fraction of the cost! We can create a team of highly qualified and experienced remote developers suited to your exact requirements.

Project Management

If you need someone to manage your projects and streamline communication and workflows, then look no further. Our project managers are seasoned specialists with globally recognized certifications in project management ready to take over projects and oversee success. They keep a close eye on your objectives and technical needs and make adjustments where necessary to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Skilled Developers of Multiple Programming Languages

Whether you are looking for front or backend developers or software testers, our developers are familiar with a variety of programming languages and frameworks. With their experience and expertise, they are happy to help you with your technical issues! Our developers speak every programming language you can think of: JavaScript, Phyton, C#, and HTML to PHP, BI, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and many more.

Rigorous Pre-selection Criteria and Training Sessions

Our remote developers are selected through a rigorous selection process: Their technical skills are thoroughly tested, they have the necessary communication and soft skills, and are adaptable to handle pressure and challenging tasks.

Our remote developers are also provided with corporate training and opportunities to enhance their skill set in the required field that helps them grow professionally which then means growth for the clients’ businesses.


Why Choose Us?

You are not required to pay a starter fee for our services, and we are happy to help you find the right remote developer for the right project or team. Our remote developers are skilled and experienced in multiple programming languages.

The word “remote” then means a lot of cost-saving when it comes to hourly pay rate, but it also means not compromising on the high quality of work delivered to you by professionals.


Unsatisfied with our Services?

With your input and decision, we do our best to find the right match for your project or team. But in case you are dissatisfied with the work of the remote developer or unhappy with the service, then we will arrange a suitable replacement as soon as possible.

The replacement service is completely free of charge because we go for 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Source Code and Intellectual Property Rights

You are and remain the owner of every source code developed by one or all of our remote developers. The same goes for other intellectual property.

We naturally handle sensitive company information with care and provide associated documentation. This is all agreed upon in a legally binding contract to ensure maximum transparency.